FPV Simulator Shootout

FPV Simulator Shootout

I am doing a quick review of 3 flight simulators that I have been flying. I want to highlight a few of each of the sim's good points as well as bad points. RealFlight 7.5 The Good RealFlight is a … Read More

YouTube FPV Masters

Here is a list of YouTube channels you should subscribe to if you are getting into FPV Quadcopter racing: Joshua Bardwell - Want all the tech specs, or to delve deeper into everything UAV Futures - Tons of quad reviews, … Read More

Quadcopter Reference

This is a general quick reference page: Lipos 1C charge is mAh / 1000 (Safest charge rate 1C, or 1 x capacity of battery in Amps) Store at 3.8v per cell Energy stored (Watt-hour, wh) = voltage x capacity Storage … Read More