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My interests span many realms. This site is meant to aggregate information related to my general interests. Just head to the blog to delve. Right now I am focused on Quadcopter racing and FPV. Keep an eye on the site for lots of FPV racing tips and for information about building quadcopters and setting up gear for FPV racing.

  • Adventuring
  • Astronomy
  • Computer Programming
  • FPV Quadcopter Racing
  • Geology
  • Gold Prospecting
  • Motorcycles
  • Nature
  • Photography
  • Pre-History
  • RC Hobbies
  • Saving The World
BetaFPV 75 Quadcopter

MultiGP Here I come

Finally decided on a handle as well! Enter Flightwave

Featured FPV:

Stew from UAV Futures giving some FPV loop training (FFWD to 1:24 to get to the flying)

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Blue Jay