Catalyst Machineworks Superlight 4R Build

Catalyst Machineworks Superlight 4R Build

Superlight 4R

I am kicking in the door on a 4" build. I am opting for the Catalyst Machineworks Superlight 4R.

Parts List:

Spec List:

Build Updates

  1. 26 January 2018 - RunCam VTX and cam received from Amazon
  2. 31 January 2018 - Frame, motors, props and receiver ordered from Catalyst Machineworks
  3. 02 February 2018 - DYS 4 in 1 ESC received from Amazon
  4. 05 February 2018 - Frame, motors and flight controller received from CMW and Ready to Fly Quads

The Build

Stage 1 - Unboxing

05 February 2018

Catalist Machineworks 4R Build stage 1-1
Catalist Machineworks 4R Build stage 1-2

I have just about everything I need to start putting things together. Before I get ahead of myself, I plan on getting organized by staging parts in a compartmentalized box. This is a bit of a winter project, and I want to take my time. Yeah, right. Well, it's a plan anyway.

Catalist Machineworks 4R Build stage 1-3


  • All clockwise motor thread build
  • Catalyst Machineworks package came damaged, one of the motor boxes was totally crushed

First Impressions:

  • This frame is high, high quality carbon fiber - They type you want to just pet
  • 3D printed parts also seem to be of a very high quality
  • *Kit was missing the aluminum standoffs, put a quick halt to my weekend project

Soft-Mounting Motors

?? February 2018


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