Why We Stand and Walk

Why We Stand and Walk

I have always been a student of prehistory. There is no greater mystery. There is no limit to the amount of evidence yet to be dug up. One of the big mysteries is why human beings stand and walk upright. … Read More

In the Tree

In the Tree

This is such an amazing pic it deserves it's own post. Great flying Josh. Not being sarcastic about the tree. Superb skills. Anyway, great day of FPV Quad Flying in Loveland Colorado!

Flood 2013

Flood 2013

Here is my contribution to the video footage of the flood. This is the Poudre river near downtown Fort Collins.

Fake conditionals with CSS

The CSS language has always lacked conditional type markup. Some modern dynamic systems like Less have improved upon cascading style sheets but the core language itself lacks dynamic abilities. I want to share this trick I just used on http://communityfunded.com … Read More

Epic Summer

Not sure what the deal is but this summer is turning out to be an epic one. What are the ingredients that make up an epic summer? Here is my list: Sun, Sand and Water Camping Beer, Shots etc Staying … Read More


This is the new project page for communityfunded.com - I am sitting at the far right. Great job to all involved.  I am proud to be part of CF.  

Clearfix - Really?

Hacking up a $50 premium WordPress theme for a client. The developer has a "clearfix" class on about 60% of the div's. Really? Come onnn. I have actually never needed to use the clearfix technique.

Linode Memory Upgrade

Hey Linode hosting customers. Check your dashboard for a free upgrade. The blue link is at the bottom right.   Ye Haaa

Google maps ski runs

YeHaaa! http://www.kunc.org/post/google-maps-out-colorado-ski-runs Check this out. There is a Google snowmobile now, mapping ski runs for us. Just in time for the SkiTheGlobe site I just got done building for a client: http://skitheglobe.com/resort/copper-mountain-ski-resort/ - The site uses my GoogleMaps plugin that I … Read More