Twitter Deprecates Widget

Hey developers, if you have any Twitter widgets out there using the TWTR.Widget system, you might want to check on them. I noticed this morning that a Twitter Widget plugin I wrote was no longer displaying Tweets. Googled the issue … Read More

Miramont and Hyperspatial

Well looks like I will be giving Miramont Fitness a facelift. I am rebuilding their site using my responsive HTML5 theme, Terra. Guess it time for me to give a similar treatment. Going to have plenty of back-links to … Read More

Mobile Testing

Testing your websites for mobile devices can be a nightmare. Adobe Device Central has really improved since its conception. However, Adobe Device Central is being discontinued effective April 23, 2012. So as of cs6, no more device central. Device Central … Read More

Planet Hunters

Got this email today. Not sure if any of my transient events were planets but how cool: Dear Planet Hunters, We have some very exciting news - thanks to the hard work of all of you at, we were … Read More

3 Years and 500 Snippets

Just noticed that the Code Collective has been up and running for 3 years.  Solid too, no lost code or catastrophes. Not sure if this is coincidental or the natural path of organic SEO, but the daily unique page-views has … Read More

Hello 2013

I think my resolution is to not dwell on the past. This is a very tough thing to do considering my very recent past. Thank you friends, without you guys I don't know where I would be at this moment. … Read More

Google Maps V3 API

Hey Google Maps developers. It looks like the V2 API has been deprecated. Not that big of a deal, my V2 calls all still work but there is one change you might need to make: If you have Google API … Read More

Progressive Work Models

This post is about employment policies and human resource management.  I see more and more employers attempting to inhibit their employees. Typically this is in the form of employee encapsulation or strict non-disclosure statements. Employees are expected to work on … Read More