Just how good are FrSky M9 Gimbals?

Just how good are FrSky M9 Gimbals?

I have a stock FrSky Taranis X9D Plus, with the standard potentiometer style gimbals. Not any more. For less than 50 dollars you can give your radio, and your flight skills a big kick in the ol ass.

This is how good they are:

I installed my new gimbals tonight, calibrated, sent my endpoints and took to the air. My first flight was line of sight, just to test her out, then I donned the goggles.

I proceeded to take off and run my kitchen course, but something felt off. Hmm. I seemed to be moving forward when I let off the stick, was my trim off? I flew a few more laps and started to notice the nice smooth precise feel of these Hall Sensor type gimbals. I still felt weird about the drifting, then it dawned on me. I was still in Acro mode from flying line of sight. What the hell? Hold the phones!

These FrSky M9 gimbals are so precise, so superior, that I was flying Acro, like a champ. The drifting was simply because I was not in horizon mode. Incredible. I can't believe it. I'm an experienced RC pilot, but am new to FPV racing. Most of my Acro flying is line of sight because I struggled flying Acro through the goggles. Not any more. Call me impressed.

If you are still flying the standard Taranis gimbals, upgrade now. In two days via Amazon Prime, you will be improving your flight skills simply by using better gimbals, with better sensors.

Here is another article from Oscar Liang that will aid in your installation. It's really easy, about a half hour job. Don't forget to adjust your tensions before re-assembly!

As always - Happy Flying


Wow. I flew the track I was getting 3 laps on last night with the new gimbals. I was getting 5-6 laps. Nearly a 100% decrease in lap time. Precision. If you have stock gimbals, I would get on Amazon, like now and upgrade!


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