FPV and The Eight Dimension

FPV and The Eight Dimension

I got to thinking in the shower as I always do. This is where the great epiphanies happen. Bear with me on this one:

Einstein theorized that all motion is relative to a frame of reference. Most of us are familiar with the concept of relativity, and the slight time distortion effect of speed. Relative to the observer.

I would like to postulate that not only is time relative to the observer, but so are the dimensions of time and space. This is where it gets deep. With virtual reality, in this case FPV quadcopter flying, you are essentially observing two places, or locations at the same time. This bypasses the normal natural order that humans are used to perceiving, but you get used to it.

You get used to existing in 8 dimensions at once. Yep 8. The observer, at the primary location (Where you are flying from) is existing in 4 dimensions in space. We know the XYZ 3, with the fourth being time sprinkled in to make 4. However, you are also existing pseudo virtually in a second location. We will call that your secondary location. In that location you are also observing 3 dimensions and experiencing time at a different flow, virtually. I call it pseudo virtual because there is actually a physical object you are observing from, not just a VR computer game. So you are "virtually in two places at once", and your brain is dealing with 8 dimensions at once.

This is very weird when you first start flying FPV, you fly around the kitchen, you then encounter yourself sitting on the couch. You have a bit of an out of body experience, and it is weird. Any way you cut it. It takes time, and many flights to adjust to your new dual existence, but once you adjust, you become quite keen.

8 dimensions and 5 senses

It's a known fact that people who have lost one of their senses become more acute at using their remaining senses. Even beyond the normal acuity of a human sense. Blindness is the standard example of this phenomenon. Without your eyes your other senses improve to help you to better survive the world around you. This phenomenon seems to occur when you are flying FPV and your brain is running in the stated 8 dimensions.

In the secondary location, the quad, you are experiencing a time scale distortion due to the scale speed of the small craft. If you have ever compared the in-craft recording versus an externally recorded video you will know what I am talking about. It seems like you were going way faster, from within the googles, or craft in first person view.

Your brain deals with this time difference in the secondary location, whilst flying and avoiding obstacles, etc. 4 dimensions. Back in your chair in the primary location, you are still observing. Smelling, listening, etc. At this end you senses become more acute to deal with your own situation in your chair. Just in case. You do need to survive in two places at once essentially, your brain is taking care of making sure you do. Survival.

I notice now that while flying I can manage my primary location much more easily, I can more easily identify people by their voices, smells and sounds. I can perceive who is standing next to me, even hold a conversation with them. I can reach out and grab my transmitter without needing to see it. I'm sure you are getting my drift. Just like a blind person. But weirder, your brain is adjusting to life in 8 dimensions in time and space.

Do I dare to go deeper, maybe. M Theory, quantum mechanics, they invented 11 dimensions to get the math to work. Hmm. What if dimensions are simply relative to the observer. And at the quantum level, quantum particles are able to "observe" more than one place at the same time, like VR. That would mean dimensions can accumulate, not that there are simply X number of total dimensions, its simply a duplication of the regular dimensions in space.

Happy Flying, and happy dual existences


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