Upon opening your new Tiny Hawk, fire up your hot glue gun and put a dab right on top of the camera card and glue it to the frame. The cam will pop out.

Here is my favorite PID setup for the Tiny Hawk. At my mid range rates. My low rates are 0.8 and high rates are 1.0. Definitely ditch the stock PID's, claiming that the Emax TinyHawk is tuned out of the box is subjective. It kind of flies like a canoe on the Emax tune.

This setup is basically default Betaflight with the suggested settings from the 3.5 Tuning Tips. I bumped up roll P and D, that's about it. Make sure to tune your throttle expo. This machine has a lot of power and some expo is key for flying indoor on tight tracks.

This tune is insane. This thing does whatever you brain tells it to. I can dart and jog around chair legs, and crap all over the kitchen, as fast as I can go. It is as agile as a Hawk, well a tiny one.


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