What amperage ESC should I get for my quad?

What amperage ESC should I get for my quad?

I was just looking for an approximate baseline current draw for 1407 3600kv brushless motors. The manufacturer of the motors I was shopping for did not have any specs, but I found this DYS spec-sheet for their 1407 for reference.

Learning Reference: Choosing an ESC.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the motor's current draw is what you must use to determine the ESC amperage. An ESC with a max amperage of 20A does not power the motors with 20 amps at full throttle. 20 amps is just the amount of current the ESC can handle. If your brushless draws 15 amps at full throttle, then a 20A ESC is just right.

There are many other considerations, but when choosing an ESC, try to find a table with all the specs from the manufacturer. The table shown is for a DYS 1407 motor, it has a range of tests with various different props and batteries. Such a spec-sheet is close enough for you to choose an ESC amperage. Impulse buyer hobbyists have no time to bench test motors before choosing an ESC.


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