TransTec Frog

TransTec Frog

I stumbled across this quad watching UAVFutures. If you are in the market for a 100mph racer, you might consider this beauty. It is available as a bind and fly, which means no soldering, and no head scratching about how to mount all those little bits that go into these creations.

The TransTec Frog seems to be a solid built, well designed FPV quadcopter. The X configuration gives this thing a very symmetrical appearance which accents the 'All Business' look the thing has to it. Top that off with RunCam, and a very clean, thought out build, and you have something here.

Keep in mind that some versions don't have a receiver. Which is fine, you probably have a receiver to match your transmitter.


  • Speed Value Factor = 2 (This is the price per MPH factor - $2 per MPH)
  • RunCam
  • On-board integrated VTX
  • Solid
  • Clean simple build
  • 100 freaking miles per hour
  • Excellent protection for camera
  • Individual carbon fiber arms for ease of replacement

Where to Buy:

Buy the TransTec Frog at Bangood



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