Girls and Guns

Girls and Guns


Got the nerf gun for herf birthday. The two of them have been in-separable. Got me to thinking about all this gun ban stuff.

My parents at first tried to keep me away from guns. Banning them just made me interested, so I started playing with the  kids with guns so I could play with one. I would rather teach Siri about guns so she can better understand and also not fear them.

For me it is the challenge of hitting a target. Like the game darts. Marksmanship is an art and it has been selectively bred into us since our ancestors started throwing rocks to provide their dinner. Siri just discovered marksmanship and is obviously hooked already.  I cant imagine going through life without learning to fire a rifle, consequently never getting a chance to improve my skill. The future is bleak, can you imagine future generations with no firearm marksmanship skills?

When the Aliens attack, we're F'ed. When robots take over, we're F'ed. First things first though, when the New World Order takes over, we're F'ed.


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  1. Well, one of your parents encouraged you by buying first, a BB gun then a Ruger 10-22 then it was off to the races! Personally, I was in my 50's before buying my own handguns due to perceived government future limitations. Well, fast forward to today and wow, that earlier perception has become reality! Now, I'm an NRA nut-job, Tea Party member, active member of the oldest continuously running gun club in America (The Newport Rifle Club) Good on you, Adam, for introducing Siri early to marksmenship and the awareness of cause/effect when dealing with firearms.