The Joys of RC Flight

The Joys of RC Flight

We all have a little control freak in us. Admit it.

If you have any experience flying remote controlled craft, you will immediately understand what it means to truly control your craft. In a sense that you can control your craft to the point of making it do exactly what you want it to do.

This is a challenge. Not being able to feel the forces acting upon you, reference point, conditions, and many other factors other than you piloting skill contribute to being able to truly control you craft. In the early days, I was ecstatic to just make it though a flight without destroying my airplane. Phew.

Luckily, foam was my savior. Flying foam meant being able to quickly repair and get back in the air. After a while I was spending my time enjoying the experience, learning tricks, and doing some sick 3D aerobatics. Faster, higher, or lower as it may be, I was pushing my envelope. All for fun, and to truly control the damn thing. Nothing is more satisfying to an RC control freak!

All joking aside, there is another side to RC flying that is not to be discounted. Modern day HD cameras and FPV setups enable us to experience the air in complete safety, while at the same time witnessing sights only seen from small aircraft in the past.

I would like to share one experience that my father emailed me about the other day. He fly's RC sailplanes, and we were chatting about transmitters and my FPV quad racing obsession. The hobby spans so many different incredible experiences, its amazing. As some of us enjoy ripping around a foot above the ground, hitting racing gates at eighty miles per hour, enjoying the sheer power. There are others who are harnessing the "power" of rising air alone:

"I, can't wait for better weather to get back to flying these birds. Speaking of which, last summer, my first 'real' RC flying, I was flying with the hawks and vultures! Awesome experience to fly with them. They find the lift for me and believe it or not, I have found lift and they come over to join up! very cool stuff. Glad you're enjoying the racing drones...toofast for me!" - My POP

Happy Flying - Always find the fun in it, and never give up


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