Cheap as Heck Indoor FPV Race Gates

Cheap as Heck Indoor FPV Race Gates

Having trouble nailing those little gates on Tiny Whoop race night? Need practice, need a montage? Need cheap, need gates, need them fast?

Check your garage for some old 1/2 foam camping pads. If you don't have any, head down to the store. They run about $5-$8 for a cheapy. Cut yourself some strips between 4"-10" wide, down the full length of the camping pad. Feel free to mix and match widths, but the foam seems to need at least 4" in width to hold itself up well.

Make yourself a circle, check the diameter, and tape it together with some masking tape. Bam, instant indoor FPV racing gate.

I experimented with attaching them to the ceiling, and just putting them on top of tables, etc. They stay in place pretty well. Weighing them down is a simple matter as well. Anyway, cheap easy racing gate. Happy Flying!

fpv racing gate


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