Aomway Commander - FPV goggle face pad fix

Aomway Commander - FPV goggle face pad fix

You do a lot of on and off with FPV googles. Unless you are a SkyZone user, perhaps. The Aomway's have pretty flimsy foam face pads, bookmark this FPV goggle face pad fix for future reference. You can find new ones on Ebay as well if you are just chucking it: Aomway Commander replacement foam

I noticed the other day that the felt on the nose piece came off of the foam. The adhesive really wasn't doing the job. I tried a few glue options and failed. I opted to head to the hardware store and I found this: Loctite Vinyl, Fabric & Plastic adhesive

The way to repair the FPV goggle face pad is simple. Just apply the adhesive to both surfaces and gently press them back into place. It help to squeeze the last 2mm of foam up against the felt to make sure the adhesive touches the surface of the felt and the foam completely.

loctite adhesive


The key to this repair is finding an adhesive that will stay flexible. If you glue this together with glue that hardens completely. The felt is just going to come right off, and the nose piece will not form to the shape of your nose/face.


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