5.8GHz Channel Table

I have improved this tool ten fold, and moved it here:  FPV Racing 5.8GHz VTX Channel Tool

It can be frustrating trying to convert radio channels to the proper frequencies for your 5.8GHz transmitters and receivers. This table is set up to allow you to set your channels to match the standard 5.8GHz bands. This table was created to allow you to convert standard channels to program your BetaFPV VTX to the correct channel, as well as your Aomway Commander. If you are racing Tiny Whoop or micro FPV you will probably be called upon to be on a certain channel or frequency during your race heat. Use this handy converter if you fly BetaFPV and Aomway's.

Contact Me if you want me to add your transmitter or googles to this table. Thank you Oscar! For more in-depth information, read this article about frequency bands.

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