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The Tool

It can be frustrating trying to convert radio channel references like "F2" to radio frequencies. F2 is equal to 5760MHz in this instance. Setting up your FPV gear to be on the correct frequency is crucial.

The manufacturers of the various 5.8GHz FPV transmitters and receivers do not all use the same band reference system, nor do they put them in the same order on the FPV devices. This handy FPV VTX channel tool designed to allow you to set the frequency on your video transmitter and FPV goggles to the desired frequency, without needing to do any conversions. And more importantly, without having to think to deeply about it.

If you are racing FPV, you will be called upon to be on a certain channel or frequency during your race heat. Use this handy FPV channel converter to set your FPV video transmitter and FPV goggles to the frequency you need to race on.

Contact Me and send me a link to your VTX or goggle documentation, and I will add your setup to this chart.


  1. Click the buttons above the table to load your FPV video transmitter or goggle devices
  2. Click active buttons to remove an item from the table
  3. Hover over the desired frequency cell
  4. Set your FPV gear up based on the band that is displayed in the column below the desired device
  5. Bookmark the URL - Once you add your devices, you can save the url for quick access
  6. Use the Reset and View All buttons to clear or fill the table
  7. Click on the name of your FPV devices to view documentation and channel charts